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you heard it first

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poster created by Jess Ray


day 83 – sunday music corner

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i can’t wait to discover more of the bombay bicycle club!

day 66 – sunday music corner

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work in progress


thought i’d pull through on my mention of putting some soundcloud things on here, so here we go!

i recorded this little bit on saturday morning (you can hear that morning part in my voice) for J and his trip to the golden state this week.

enjoy!  no bells or whistles – just me, garageband, a guitar, and morning voice,

and a little outro that is a cover of one of my favorite songs (also entitled California) from one of my favorite bands (Copeland.)

day 58 – 29 ways to stay creative

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created & designed by ed hall

day 49 – monday music corner :)

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another noisetrade finder and KEEPER in Jill Andrew’s album “The Mirror”

seriously, hop on over to noisetrade and download it since it’s for free.  such a nice blend of folk and pop, with beautiful lyrics and melodies.  it reminds me of patty griffin, gillian welch, and feist all combined in a crockpot of awesome.

here’s a video of her performing one of my favorites from the album, Blue Sky.

and another official music video for the title track, The Mirror, courtesy of Paste Magazine online.  please check it out!  it’s so fun!


hooray for new music loves!

day 31 – a little inspiration

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this is via caroline of branches & light – made my day today

It happens in a fragment of a second

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Sometimes the Lord allows me to see blessings all over my life, all at once. It happens in a fragment of a second, lingers for a moment, and I have to capture it before it fades into emails, todo lists, and coffee cups.

I see blessings in friendships that are supportive and in friends who are passionate, talented, and inspiring,

in life in a town where community runs as thick as the summer air here, and where going anywhere gives the chance that you will see someone you know,

in relationships in which I am encouraged to dream, hope, and overcome,

in antique stores, coffee shops, new music, uncertain futures, the joy-filled present, grace-filled pasts, life stories,

where the tangled, rough, and dirty rope of our struggles meets the gift of righteousness and His passionate pursuit of us.

His blessings are precious and rich, like a gemstone.

Things are good. The King is kind. And He’s up to something.

i guess that’s why

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every day i think i could be a lot of different things:


a writer

a make-up artist

a fancy updo hair do-er up-er

a singer-songwriter

a background vocalist for someone who goes on big tours

a background vocalist for someone who goes on little tours

a songwriter for any of the aforementioned

a creative think-tank and conceptual artist for really awesome things

a columnist for a magazine

an illustrator for childrens’ books

a travel writer

a world traveler

a womans minister

a worship leader


…i guess that’s why it’s so hard to know what to do today.



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some things i like lately:

being quiet with the Lord

better homes and gardens magazine

working out on the elliptical while reading self magazine

practicing and writing music.  focus on the practicing part.

hanging out with my mom


listening to nancy’s summer mix, in autumn

eating fiber gummies

going to work early so i can drink coffee outside at the morning times

revisiting gilmore girls season one

scouring the earth for a great journal and planner

making lists in my journal for the next day with little check-off boxes.  ultimate satisfaction.

this song

also my bangs are short and when i curl them i feel a little awkward and charming like amelie