day 97 – before this is over, i’m going to tell you about my music

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so, i’ve purposely kept it a little mum.  lock and key.  lips sealed.  on the DL.

but i just can’t keep it in any more!  just for you my friends!  a little update on my music.

i started a project in November of 2009.  yes, over 2 years ago (can you believe that?), i decided to record a few songs on more than garageband.  i did not realize, of course, that that step would take me down a 2-year long road (and then some) for the result.  but the result is going to be better than i could have imagined or hoped for!  yes, after all of this time, my EP is most definitely on the way! (even though now the term “EP” is like a dead horse to me.  i just want to make up another name for it…. mini album.  teensyrecord.  shortstack.  ya know… feel free to add to the list)

it started out with a little steam of attention and a lot of gusto from myself – i made some silly and fun monthly update videos, until i realized that i could make all the update videos i wanted and be hilarious and still not record my songs well or put a great voice to them.  i played a handful of shows, and realized that i needed to focus and tend to the side of creating and recording for a good long while.  i even recorded all of the songs all the way through, and decided to start over.  start over?!?  was i kidding???  i couldn’t do that all again!

but i needed to eat that slice of this-isn’t-so-easy pie.  it didn’t taste good but it was really good for me.  and started the project again with stronger legs underneath me, steadier feet, and a better idea of what i really wanted.  with friends behind me and the Lord guiding my steps, i planned and planned and planned, and then, in June, i packed my bags for nashville.  10 days, 6 songs.

music inspires me.  it’s in my head all the time.  i hear beats and swells and orchestras and simple melodies every hour of the day.  i hear it in my turn-signal and in the pace of my steps down the sidewalk.  i have, in my head, a complete score to my life.  it’s all tied up in my conversations with God, in fashion, in art, in my relationships, in everyday life and the most simple, mundane things, in beautiful things and difficult things.  and i just want to share a little of that with you.

so, without further ado and long-windedness, i would like to announce (though still largely keeping mum on the matter) that my bite-size album is coming early in 2012.  for real!  in the next few months you can expect to see and hear

  1. a new website.  the hub of all things you need to know about my music, with a blog, of course : )
  2. some videos on said website
  3. a single
  4. albumette release!
  5. release party, of course!

if you’re reading this and you’ve pre-ordered the EP, don’t you worry.  i’ve got some pretty awesome things in store for you!

okay, glad that’s off my chest.  until then, get a little christmas cheer from this version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas that i did last year.

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited/happy/yelling for you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. How can I order an EP?

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