day 90 – reasons i like opening at the mall

In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on November 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm

so i’ve been working at the mall for the holidays

and i factored in the expected craziness, the crowds, the terrible parking situation, traffic, fumbling over sensors and basically being a newbie at the busiest time of year

but i didn’t expect finding a little delight!

most of my shifts so far have been opening, and i have loved getting to the mall

when hardly anyone is there,

just other employees and old people with their sneakers on, walking laps,

and everything is decorated and lit up,

and the christmas music is playing, echoing through the empty halls,

and i can just sit there for a few minutes and enjoy how beautiful it all looks and how nice the music is while drinking my coffee.

it’s actually really fun, and a little magical!

i feel like i’m in the movies and

i may or may not picture myself dancing around singing along.

and that’s a pretty nice way to usher in the Christmas Spirit while working one of the most despised positions in all of retail history,

the holiday hire.

  1. This makes me think of Elf, working during the holidays, and spreading Christmas cheer! I love reading your blog, full of inspiration! 🙂

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