day 75 – 3/4ths checkpoint + some prose

In thoughts on God, thoughts on me on November 8, 2011 at 3:27 pm

the house is quiet.  am is away babysitting for a few days, and k is at school.  i hear two second hands in a ticking competition, the hum of the garbage truck at the head of the street, and my old computer.   i had coffee with my mom today, her first time at jubala, and we just chatted about life and church and God.  i love how unimpressed she was that people drink their coffee black, asking for cream and sweetener.  so truly mama pat and i love it.

today i feel hopeful about the promise of the Lord, and trusting in His promise.  that’s hard.  i consistently see myself as Israel in the wilderness, unsure of how long i’m going to be out here, complaining about the manna and how i just want something different.  i’m just asking that my eyes will be open to blessing, everyday miracles, and provision.  that my heart would hold fast to the miracles the Father has done in my life up until this point to get me here.  a heart quick to give thanks and to worship and to trust.  it’s hard when you know the promise but don’t see the plan!

so today i just wrote out some things i’m so thankful for.  being in raleigh, family that is closeby and that loves me, supportive and close friends, j, the work that i do have, groceries, provision over and over again, shelter, sunny fall days, promises, the active voice of God in my life, how He loves and cares for every detail of my life, and how He’s moving and changing me.


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