day 74 – real dreams, lately

In thoughts on God, thoughts on me on November 7, 2011 at 3:40 pm

if you know me, you know i have the most vivid dreams ever. 

sometimes they’re just silliness, sometimes they’re a little scary, sometimes heavy, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes I hear from God.

 lately i’ve had some super vivid ones, and thought i’d log them here.


one of them was just really cool.  our landlord (bill toenails) had this other house that he owned and had designed himself (in typical bill fashion), and it was the huge-normous labyrinth of magnificent baths and showers everywhere!  it literally was like a maze, but it wasn’t scary – it was almost like something you’d expect in a theme park but more beautiful.  i would just walk around the next corner and there’d be a whole room of shower heads, and then the next corner and a beautiful single shower, and so on.  i remember seeing a small square door on a wall and opening it to find a secret room with nothing but hot tubs and pool tables and board games.  i really love bathrooms in real life so that was fun for me : )  i mean, it was like this, but all open, no doors


another one this past week was pretty scary.  but there was a very redemptive part!  so i’ll record that much.

the scary part is that i was in the attic of a big, rickety building and it was falling over.  i felt myself falling with it and knew it was going to hurt and i was going to die.  then i had this immeasurable peace and calm and prayed, “Jesus, angels!” and i stopped right there in the air with my legs suspended!  cooool!


and this one is my favorite.  obviously, since i’ve been searching for more work, finances have been a struggle.  thankfully i’m getting a little work here and there, and the Lord has provided.  it’s definitely a little stressful, though.

so saturday night j and some friends and i went to The Worship Center and a lady prophesied over me (many incredible things!) but one thing in particular about finances.  she said that the Lord was aware and was going to take care of my financial problems!

that night i had a dream that i was looking through my wallet.  i knew i had $7 in cash (which i have in real life) and pulled that out.  i kept rummaging around my wallet and found a twenty dollar bill.  and i knew it was the Lord!  then i rummaged around again, and found more cash all folded up amidst the receipts and lip glosses.  it kept happening, and the cash was unending, and i knew it was the Lord doing a miracle for me.

now, i’m not saying i’m expecting the Father to miraculously put cash in my wallet (but i’m not telling Him he CAN’T either!) but i absolutely see it as a promise of His intimate knowledge and care for my needs, and a rock solid promise He is going to be the provider of them.  not me or anyone else.


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