day 73 – sunday music corner

In thoughts on things on November 6, 2011 at 11:02 am

name meanings, weird instruments


j and i have really been interested in different small instruments to be able to tinker around on and write with.

he wants to get his hands on bagpipes, a bell kit (or glock), and has actually bought an old autoharp (which needs tuning and i can’t WAIT to start to play with a la the Carter family, especially Mother Maybelle)

and i would really like learn how to at least tinker on the banjo, along with all the things J wants (especially the bell kit),

own a mountain dulcimer (a la Joni),

i still want that ukelele i found in wilmington,

and now i want to get my hands on a crwth.

yesterday, j, his mom and i were all sitting around the lunch table and started talking about our names and their meanings.

i had done some research on my name before and knew that Crowder originated as one of those utilitarian last names that describes what someone does – one who plays the crwth.  cool, huh?

anyway, i hadn’t really looked up in any great detail about crwths until yesterday.  it’s basically a super early version of a violin (but waaay less intimidating in my opinion!) and now i’m on a mission.


and just to poke fun at our indie-esque desire for the weirdest instruments possible (teensy kids piano, anyone?), here’s an amazon list of “The Best Indie Instruments” including an animal shaker set : )


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