day 71 – ebsd

In poetry, thoughts on things on November 4, 2011 at 11:53 am

in this installment of ebsd:

trader joes whole grain toast with butter and homemade strawberry jam

apple slices

trader joes vanilla and cream yogurt

cup o’ hazelnut coffee

ft: annemarie’s slow cooker recipe book


i wanted to see what was out there in the poetry world about breakfast, and i came across this little gem by Carl Sandburg, touching on the beginning of what we now know as the American Food Industry:

Farm Poem

Red barns and red heifers spot the green
grass circles around Omaha—the farmers
haul tanks of cream and wagon loads of

Shale hogbacks across the river at Council
Bluffs—and shanties hang by an eyelash to
the hill slants back around Omaha.

A span of steel ties up the kin of Iowa and
Nebraska across the yellow, big-hoofed Missouri

Omaha, the roughneck, feeds armies,
Eats and swears from a dirty face.
Omaha works to get the world a breakfast.


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