day 68 – november!

In thoughts on things on November 1, 2011 at 3:06 pm

tis the season for beards, flannel, turkey, casseroles, heating blankets, friends, family, and pies!

i mean, that just sounds really good, doesn’t it?!

THIS is the season i’ve been waiting for and jumping the gun to get to!  look out your window.  come on…do it, right now!  seize the present!

you see that?


the smells, the colors, the clothes, the chill outside and the warmth created inside a home.  gooood stuff!

hello november.  i whole-heartedly welcome you!


– november list & goals –

start working seasonal job

arrange to meet with people who i want more of in my life (not grammatically correct? but i like it better this way!)

invest more time seeking

finish christmas shopping (already got my gift wrap! brown paper packages)

letters to strangers

christmas song : )

Y time (is my time!… i just wanted to rhyme…sublime…ok i’m done)

do something adventurous!

local apples – buy em, eat em, drink em, cook em


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