day 67 – week peek

In thoughts on me on October 31, 2011 at 12:45 pm


I’m coming at this week with a long, organized list in Word of things I’d like to and need to do.

I know for me, a little forethought at the beginning of the week goes a long way

(not that this happens religiously, but my dry-erase weekly planner sure helps!)

Sometimes I like to list more than I know I’ll do (of course within reason and reality – otherwise i get overwhelmed and defeatist – hellooo balance), and knowing that and being okay with that, and then rejoicing any time I cross something off the list.  Mini parties!


some things about this week that I’m excited about are

-making a list of November goals

-deep cleaning my space and reorganizing decorative thingies

-spending time with people i love

-reading more of:

When People Are Big and God is Small – Overcoming peer pressure, codependency, and the fear of man

by Edward Welch

-drinking MightyLeaf African Nectar (my favorite!!)

-continuing regular Y time now that I have time! workout reward = steam room ♥

-grocery shopping.  i really get a LOT of happiness out of that.

-early to bed and early to rise (the Lord is the stability of my times!)


this post pumps me up for november lists & goals


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