day 62 – quietness + trust

In thoughts on God on October 26, 2011 at 8:39 am

isaiah 32.  i love this chapter for this season.


the noble plan noble things, and on noble things he stands.

women at ease are urged to rise up, strip of themselves, and prepare by beating their chests, pleading for the Spirit to fall.

i need this in my life.  an outpouring of the Spirit.  it takes seeking (psalm 34) and waiting (psalm 130), and here in isaiah 32, crying out for it in a way that is almost barbaric.

the effect of an outpouring of His Spirit is righteousness

and the effect of that is peace and secure dweling in quiet places.


the result of righteousness is quietness and trust forever. 


the Father knows how much i love quietness.  i seek it out, i look forward to it, i like to sit and stay in it.

i love it in me and around me.

it is the absence of all things calamitous, writhing, frictional.  not just noise with your ears but noise in your heart, too.  righteousness results in quietness forever.

and He knows how i long for trust, to fully trust Him and trust in Him.  like the trust you develop with your closest of friends, letting them in through any and all walls and allowing them to look around and speak into you, to love you there.

how beautiful this promise is of His.  that with Him and His Spirit comes righteousness that is not our own, peace, stability, quietness, and trust.


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