day 59 – jobless revelation

In thoughts on God on October 23, 2011 at 5:20 pm

yesterday morning i was drinking a cup of coffee on the back porch, praying and writing and reading, and watching the wind blow through the trees.

i was thinking about this season that i’m in, and the Lord helped me to see things a little more clearly.

i do not conform to the identity of the place i am in.

i transform the identity of the place i’m in based on my identity, which comes through Jesus Christ.

i can be in thies place – waiting on a job, little money, not a lot that i’m doing

but not conform to its identity

(unemployed, lazy, not productive).

i can transform it based on who i know i am  –

a daughter of God.

waiting on HIS timing and voice and guidance,

little in my bank account but infinate resources of my Father

not a lot i’m doing on the outside but so much the Lord is teaching me in my heart and life.

when i have nothing i feel like i can give to others, i can still give of myself.

His companionship is marvelous!

  1. I really needed to hear that. Thank you! I just moved out of the country and it’s difficult not to let my identity become homesickness. I need to let God keep shaping my identity!

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