day 55 – the fair five

In thoughts on things on October 18, 2011 at 12:03 am

sam’s fair top five

i don’t kid around when it comes to the north carolina state fair.  hands down, it is one of my favorite events of the year.  and what with it being so awesome and overwhelming, i thought i’d put together a little top 5 from today’s fair date and years of state fair nostalgia!

1. eat corn on the cob.

fresh, local, roasted right in front of you, and lathered in butter, nc corn on the cob is one of my favorite treats at the fair.  it is delicious and mighty portable, and you get the added benefit of it being a vegetable so your tummy doesn’t totally hate you afterwards!

2. get in touch with your roots

okay, so you may not even be from carolina originally, but i love taking a little time to pay homage to my nc roots.  this can look like a lot of things, like perusing through yesteryear and looking at old time-y wood carvers, or sitting in on the talent show complete with old appalachian dances.  it just makes me feel all happy and southern inside.  this also includes the petting zoo!  you know, agriculture and whatnot.

3. pick the rides you really care about before you go, and get discounted tickets beforehand

this way you don’t get overwhelmed (which is way easy to do when there are a bajillion people in your immediate vicinity and tons of smells and  you are already spending a lot of money to get in, eat, and go on rides.)  a little forethought goes a long way!

we chose the high swings (you can see the whole fair and it’s magical and you feel like you’re flying), the ferris wheel, a fun house, the tall slide race, and two thrillers – the fire ball and the mini-roller coaster.

4.  eat something crazy

crazy: super fried and you wouldn’t generally eat it in everyday life

we chose the deep fried snickers, bloomin onion, and funnel cake.  this is fun because 1)you know you want some anyway 2)it’s overpriced BUT worth the tastiness, fun, and atmosphere  3) it’s a special occasion  4)most of these places do it up right

5. stay into the night

the fair is great during the day – less crowds (= less lines), warmer, tons of old people in oversized trucker hats, and just overall more fun in my opinion.  and when the sun goes down, it kind of turns into this fair-stravaganza that’s worth seeing.  yes, it does get more crowded, but the lights of the fair in the night are really perfect.  the music gets turned up, high schoolers scream super loud on the crazy rides, and it gets a little cooler so you get to bundle up and enjoy the october air.  and if you can catch a tall ride while the sun is setting (ferris wheel!) then that’s just the icing on the [funnel]cake!


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