day 50 – halfway point!

In thoughts on things on October 11, 2011 at 2:12 pm

1 half down, 1 half to go!

i’m excited about that, because i think i’ve just scratched the surface on what i think i have to write right now.

i’m hoping this next half will be filled with more frequent poems,

more of an open line of communication from heart to words,

and just more.

i think that’s the great part of this personal challenge.

i’ve made it through the first part,

scraped some stuff off the surface,

tapped a little into the deep things,

skipped some days entirely,

and there is still more.


it’ll take me through halloween, thanksgiving, leaves falling, family time, and right up to December.


one of my favorite people in the world told me this once, and i want to say it again for me and you,

“Do the best with the day you have, no matter what you have.” 

so here’s to treating these many workless days with intention, like a vacation, like a friend, waking up in Joy, sleeping in God’s presence, and doing the things i want to do when i don’t have time to do them, now!




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