day 47 – from the bay window

In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on October 8, 2011 at 11:24 am

this morning’s writing is brought to you from the bay window at my sister’s house.

i started this little blog in January of 2010, having just moved back to Raleigh and straight into the open doors at my sister and b.i.l .’s.  everything was up in the air, i had my long-fought-for degree (praise Jesus) and Jesus (praise Jesus) and a lot of free time looking for a job and that direction so many of us hope for after we graduate.

writing has long been my natural response to everything in and around me.  when i can’t figure things out, when i am stressed or worried, or when i can’t vocalize what i’m feeling or thinking and why, the process from heart to head to pen to paper has helped to comb through and settle all the whirling things.

so looking back a little – since moving home i’ve

worked 4 different jobs

lived in 3 different houses

experienced grace beyond what i thought i could believe

recorded 1 ep, twice : )

found home in a church family

re-met one of my best friends and gone on a lot of dates with him

traveled all around to thailand, cambodia, nashville, beaufort, georgia, south carolina, st louis, and seattle

and have written in a handful of journals, and kept this little blog.

i’ve learned, over and over again, and am still learning

that my life can seem all up in the air

crazy, tired, unstable, directionless

or my life can seem stable and meaningful

with a job, a car, a house, cool stuff


none of these things, and how i see them from this vantage point, changes the fact that God is my stability, God is my purpose, God is my life and light and song and direction and motivation, my shelter, my provider, my cool stuff! no matter what my life looks like – He LOVES me.

to learn Him as home, ever stable, ever constant, ever True, ever interested and in love and FOR me, and perfectly trustworthy with my life is the most priceless thing.

help me keep learning as You keep leading, Jesus!


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