day 37 – goals that seem like i might never do them

In thoughts on things on September 26, 2011 at 3:06 pm

take dance lessons

(i’d love to try this again.  a fun way to stay fit!  first stop: try contra dancing)


make a – and learn to – compost

(anyone want to lend their carpentry skills to build a bin?)


try a juice fast

(i just watched a documentary on it, and it seems fantastic!  this would be a veggie + fruit juice fast)


read more poetry

(i have a book of civil war poetry, so i’ll start there)


ride a horse

(because we all know i love lord of the rings and secretly want to be Arwen)


act in another play

(because i did it in high school, and it was pretty fun.  but maybe not a christmas cantata)


and take voice lessons again

(because voice lessons, in fact, have always made me really happy)


do something extravagantly and randomly kind for someone i don’t know.


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