day 32 – a promise

In thoughts on God on September 18, 2011 at 5:09 pm

This week, Jesus has been telling me and promising me that He’s coming back.

I keep getting that word again and again, in scriptures, in thoughts, in conversation.  At first I thought surely this was because He is coming back soon.  And that could be true, but then I saw it as a personal pursuit of Jesus promising me He is coming back.

This truth is cornerstone to any believer, and it is so easy to know it as a fact or facet of your belief system without ever believing it truly.  Or knowing it but not thinking on it, meditating on what it means for you.

The coming back of the Christ King is literal.  It will happen as He promised while He walked on earth here.  Many of his parables discuss being a good servant in terms of always being ready for the Master to come home.

As a girl looking forward to marriage, I imagine up this preparation in daydreams of a clean estate.  This is not just on the note of cleanliness but on thoroughly being in order.  Things are organized – cups in the cupboard, as well as records, finances, and important documents.  The ground is tilled up and the seeds are planted and watered.  The vines are pruned and the harvest is prepared, whether by preservation or in meals on the table.  It even smells nice.  It is an intentional preparation, and the lamp is always burning in the window anticipating a return.  This anticipation is also in care for the Master, so he will have light no matter what hour he returns.

Not to say our preparation of Him comes in cleanliness of self,  but in intentionality.  Intentionally meeting with Him, believing with assuredness the things that are unseen and with the substance of things hoped for.  Listening for Him.  Talking to Him.  Trusting Him.  Loving him from afar, because “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”(John 20:29)

It means a lot to me that He’d send me the message Himself, in a way I’d respond and hear.  First I must believe, then I can prepare.  First I must believe, then He can use me, He can tell me things and I will hear them and share them if He tells me to.

I believe the first thing on His mind is returning to come get us – why wouldn’t it be? Like a promised man to a woman, they’re not yet married in full, and He is preparing a place for them to live at his Father’s house.  The chief motivation in His preparing is her, and he listens carefully to his Father, who is the only one who knows when they’re both ready.  When they are, he’ll tell the Son to go get his Bride.

How kind, how loving, how caring it is for Him to help us believe.  He does this for those He loves and intends to use.

What a promise.

I asked my friend after a conversation about His return, “So what do we do now?”  And she said the most simple, and most compelling statement:

“We study and we pray!”

everything else we need comes out of that.


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