day 27 – sunday music corner

In thoughts on things on September 11, 2011 at 11:39 pm

whatever happened to Superchic[k]??

i thought about this the other day.  i thought, ya know, i really want some good, pump-me-up girl music. and it dawned on me that only one group truly fits the bill.

i mean, look at those hair do’s.  what 90’s preteen wouldn’t love them immediately?!  i totally rocked out to some superchick in my post-no doubt, getting into jesus stage (9th grade).  i wrote their lyrics all over my black binders in whiteout pen.  aaand i’m pretty sure i was wearing skater shoes with my skirts for chapel, too.

i shamelessly enjoy girl power music.  girls who love jesus power music?  absolutely!

so this is what they’re up to lately.  still going.

  1. Hehe soo funny!! Just last weekend when we were about to go to a Gig, Hannes was really in the mood to listen to the superchicks again (the got that CD a looong time ago) and we were listening thru the entire CD on our way thinking about the good old times back then lol

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