day 26 – saturdays at stitch

In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on September 10, 2011 at 5:48 pm

a somewhat-longstanding sam tradition!


i enjoy working downtown every saturday.

i get to have a nice, long weekend morning before i open the shop in the afternoon.

since i get to come in a little later, i enjoy taking my time getting ready and heading downtown early.

i grab a coffee (americano for now) and something to eat at the morning times (bagel with egg and cheese or a the best tuna sandwich ever!), and then i write.




for some reason i take this time to allow my most creative stuff to come out right there.

having a good creative outlet before working is satisfying and helps me prepare for the (usually) hectic saturday rush.  it’s like a mini vacation, enjoying the downtown eat-brunch-outside-and-relax scene and pretending i’m in europe somewhere, writing some verse, you know, just because i’m a really snazzy american-in-europe writer.

the pace is different in the shop on the weekends.  i cut less and sell more, which i love.  i genuinely like meeting all different kinds of people, helping them pick out just what they want, and supporting a product i would purchase myself (and have!)


so that’s a little look into my saturday tradition for now.

do you have one?

pancakes, anyone?


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