day 25 – jumping the gun

In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on September 9, 2011 at 4:44 pm

listen, i’m just gonna go ahead and jump the gun with this whole autumn thing.


it’s not enough for me to wait until it’s cold or “official”

it’s september.  that’s not summer, and yes, it may still be 89° outside, but i’m on it this year.

because let’s face it, by the time autumn is here in official full swing, it’s gone a week later and the long winter is here to stay.

so i’m starting early!  it’s like birthday week, or month, but better!

how will i do this, you ask?

well, i aspire, really.  shooting for the moon, per se.


stage 1:  decor & ambiance

breaking out the fall wreath, even though the trees haven’t changed yet

burning any type of fall-smelling candle at any time of day

enjoying time on our back porch (that is freshly furnished and decorated) in the cool of the evening

doing something crafty with fake autumn leaves and acorns in display vases (michaels, here i come!)

open.  the.  windows.

fall music.  to me, this is anything acoustic and dreamy.  nick drake, sam phillips, sufjan stevens, emiliana torrini, 100 portraits, joni mitchell.


stage 2 – treat thyself

go ahead and purchase apple cider in a glass bottle.  i so wish i could do this on the streets of blowing rock, nc, but fresh market will do fine.

farmers market finds.  apples!  breads!!  and best of all – mums, squashes, and pumpkins!!!

starbucks fall-y flavored hot drinks.  spiced caramel mocha with whip?  hecks-to-the-yes.


stage 3 – entertainment

watch any and all shows pertaining to this great season to put you in the perfect mood, namely:

friday night lights.

okay, i’m not a football lover.  well, i’m not so much a sports lover in general.  but this show is perfect for this time of year.  texas fall, cool fall nights, wonderful characters, all set to the tune of explosions in the sky.  i’m starting with season 1.

gilmore girls.

the quintessential autumn show set in the best of small, temperate weathered towns.  transport me to connecticut and hand me a cup of coffee, please!


stage 4 – gradually alter wardrobe

okay, so this is the first year i started collecting fall and winter clothes in the dead of summer.  the sales are impeccable in the off season, and 70-90% off prices are how i like to roll.  but i cannot plausibly wear my new $20 H&M winter coat now.  so we start with gradual changes.

saying bye-bye to the brightest summer hues and hello to richer warmer tones (oranges, reds, greens)

keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect fall socks (that will juuust peek over my boots in a “i totally knit these myself” kind of way.  could wear with shorts, skirts, or layered over pants)

transitioning summer dresses with fall shoes and cardigans until tights are welcomed by the weather.

blushes, red/orange lips, or tan/nude lips.

hallelujah for my new haircut or i’d be wanting to do something with that, too.


operation jumping the gun is in full force as of now!


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