day 24 – way of living, way of life

In thoughts on things on September 8, 2011 at 9:15 pm

the beautiful difference


a way of living can be a few different things.

your job – what do you do that provides an income to pay the bills.

something you find necessary in how you desire to live day to day –

working out, not eating gluten or processed foods, buying local foods

the decisions you make – what school you go to, what hobbies you choose, how you delegate your time, and to what.

the way that you are – messy or clean, funny or quiet, introverted or extroverted, type A or type B

your desires, dreams, goals


a way of life is what your life is

its main purpose, its heartbeat

what fills up its time in your heart and mind

what makes up who you are,

your source of security, identity, and purpose.


it’s important that our ways of living do not equal our way of life,

but that our way of life be the breath in all our ways of living.

does that make any sense?  it did in my head.


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