day 22 – progress report

In thoughts on things on September 6, 2011 at 10:08 am

it’s day 22!  that means i’m a little over a fifth of the 100 days!

i have a couple of different kinds of posts that have sifted out so far, including, but not limited to:


sunday music corner

appearing every sunday, talking about and/or sharing music

eating breakfast sitting down

a nice way to keep me accountable for my goal to eat breakfast while sitting down.  plus, i just really like breakfast so sometimes i like to share a photo of my fried eggs.

the awesometer

this guy has only had its debut, but i hope to utilize him again to display how awesome or not at all awesome something is.




who knows what else might come out, but i’m really glad to see that there are different types of posts that are consistent.

i’ve also gotten a good crack at my september list & goals.

i enjoyed a long labor day weekend in beaufort, nc – one of my favorite places – with some sweet friends.  it was a small crowd this time, just 4 girls and a dog, and some very nice weather!

i also was in some fun photos for nancy’s promo video.  i was in pictures that nancy took while someone was videotaping her… taking…pictures.  yes.  there’s a little sneak peek on her blog here – i am so excited to see more photos and the video when it comes out!

and i’m still working on consistent early morning time.  i just love my bed so much.


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