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In thoughts on things on September 4, 2011 at 5:48 pm

morning music playlist


i separate my musics into strange genres.  instead of “rock,” “jazz,” or “pop,” i best categorize music by the time it should be listened to.  there is morning music, nighttime music, road trip music, get your workout on music, when you’re feeling sad music, when you feel cute and want to dance music, etc.  so i thought i’d list some of my favorite morning music lately.

it’s important for my morning music to be gentle.  abrasive sounds in the morning make me irritated and i slowly turn into a monster.  pretty banjo?  yes! overall loudness? nope.

it is also important that my morning music be positive.  sometimes gentle music can be sad music about sad things, and this just doesn’t do in the morning unless i, too, am feeling sad.  i like to start the day with a giant dose of hope with hopeful, gentle music.

so, here are just a few of my morning favorites.  these are the ones that have withstood the test of time and i always come back to.

what are some of yours?


nancy wilson – 60 B

you may remember this song from the movie Elizabethtown.  so simple and beautiful.  no vocals, just simple guitar, piano, and other trinketing sounds.  a perfect way to start the day.


john mark mcmillan – carbon ribs

beautiful song with gentle guitar picking, ambient fillers, and fantastic lyrics.


iron & wine – sunset soon forgotten

so i know this song talks about sunsets, but it is perfect for morning times.  it has a gentle but brisk guitar part and gorgeous melody line.  it totally makes me feel hopeful and peaceful.


sufjan stevens – decatur, or, round of applause for your step mother!

a little bit cheerier of a song.  puts a little fun pep in your morning step (but not too much pep)


imogen heap – between sheets

imogen heap is a master of sound.  she perfectly captures the feeling of dreaminess in this song.  her piano and vocals are so rich.  you should also watch her performing this song live, by herself using loops!  incredible!


norah jones – sunrise

a little magical, jazzy, norah song about sunrises.  gorgeous background vocals and afterthought piano fillers, too.


jon foreman – Lord, save me from myself

all of the music on jon foreman’s fall and winter eps are wonderful morning songs, but this one especially makes me happy.


brooke waggoner – meek; wild

this song is phenomenal to me.  the piano part is genius and the lyrics are like a poem.


brooke waggoner – chromates soft love

kind of has a a disney morning feel to it.  strings and great vocals.


the weepies – simple life

simple and gentle and perfect for morning


and just for fun, here are some morning favorites of my friends!

jess suggests:

josh garrels – farther along

great awakening – let me hear (ravish your heart)

whitney suggests:

amber brooks – hallelujah, still i rise


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