day 19 – peace places

In thoughts on things on September 3, 2011 at 7:03 pm

beaufort by-the-sea is definitely one of my peace places.


sometimes i don’t realize how spiritually clogged up i am until i get to a peace place and i take a deep breath.

and sometimes it takes a good while to get that first, solid deep breath.  letting the things (you know, the things) fall off and settle down.


i am so thankful that i can always ask for more faith and it’s always available for me.

i am so thankful for

packing hastily

getting into a car

adventure feelings

doing nothing but listening for 3 hours

to music, my swirling thoughts, God, the air rushing by on the highway

and it putting me into a thoughtful lull.

on these retreats, it seems like the farther away i get from my everyday place, the clearer i can see and hear things.

stuff falls off and settles and quiets down with each highway mile.

that refocus is so good and healthy every once in a while.


so i get to end of the highway and the water is calm

the bugs are making some kind of music

the breeze feels like it’s bringing autumn

and the sun is holding onto its summer strength.

meals are made and enjoyed,

clocks are unnecessary

and naps are always an option.

beaufort by-the-sea always welcomes gently and says, “come be quiet here.”


where is a peace place of yours? why?


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