day 18 – scene sketch poem

In poetry on September 3, 2011 at 5:59 pm

(for 9/2/11)


raleigh coffee shop

morning yawns & Idido steam.


Adele & conversations, dishes clinking

dishes & counters

echoes of tall ceilings

crumpling paper of Counter Culture stock.


the sun is still climbling

a couple, paired laptops

working remotely

salt & black pepper beard

signs of camping out

working hard but casually.


i feel soft & cared for

healthy & daydreaming of sleep

peaceful & happy.


seal me in & wrap me up

so the worries of the day

may not shake me.


i love creating sketches with words. it is one of my favorite things to do when i’m not sure what to write but i want to capture something.  the idea is to capture a person, place, or scene – just with words instead of a picture.

sketching scenes is extra fun and easy because you just go through the senses – what you feel, see, hear, taste, smell – to describe the moment.  and if you stick to that, what comes out of it is something very honest and particular to you.

this time i chose to do it through poetry instead of prose.


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