day 17 – daily bread

In thoughts on God, thoughts on me on September 1, 2011 at 2:14 pm

i’ve been reading through a series of E.M. Bounds’ writings on Prayer.

well, i’ve just started, actually.  but there have already been some golden take-aways that have encouraged and strengthened the way in which i pray.  i’ll just start by letting Bounds’ do the talking –

“When we pray, ‘Give us this day our daily bread,’ we are, in a measure, shutting tomorrow out of our prayer.  We do not live in tomorrow but in today.  We do not seek tomorrow’s grace or tomorrow’s bread.  They thrive best, and get most out of life, who live in the living present.  They pray best who pray for today’s needs, not for tomorrow’s, which may render out prayers unnecessary and redundant by not existing at all!”

“There is no storing tomorrow’s grace or tomorrow’s praying; neither is there any laying-up of today’s grace, to meet tomorrow’s necessities.  We cannot have tomorrow’s grace, we cannot eat tomorrow’s bread, we cannot do tomorrow’s praying.”

“Bread given for today is the strongest sort of pledge that there will be bread tomorrow.  Victory today, is the assurance of victory tomorrow.  Our prayers need to be focused upon the present.  We must trust God today, and leave the morrow entirely with him.  Prayer is the task and duty of each recurring day – daily prayer for daily needs.”


how many times in my prayer life have i been bogged down by the needs i envision for the future?  i look ahead and see need on top of need, unknown on top of unknown.  no wonder i often look to God today and am stressed, down, and halfway defeated already!  i come to Him so often saying with my little faith, “okay God, i’ve pretty much got today’s plans underway, but how am i going to _________?! how is _________ going to work out?!  when will _________??”   or worse, i will see a situation the way it is now, and see what i want it to be ideally, and fret all over the place about how i’m going to get from point A to point B.

and let’s get real.  sometimes i totally have “big” prayer times one day in order to store up blessings for days, knowing that i may not have that time again.  hoarding up the manna to last me throughout the week.  we weren’t meant to do that!  we will be unsatisfied, and less and less trusting of His good provision for us.

so i read all this, and as elementary as it seems – praying for daily bread – it spoke volumes to me.  (often the most elementary things are the ones we need to really hear the most! and learn and relearn and relearn.) so i tried it!  i shut tomorrow out, and looked at all of the needs i had for the day.  first, this provides humility.  i can be in a day and think i can make it through just fine – i have my schedule, my plans, my prayers, and know that my head will hit the pillow at the end and i’ll keep trucking along in the same way day by day with the grand goal to keep becoming a better person/christian/friend/etc.  but to look at a day before God and pray all the things you really need in the timeframe of THAT day?  to ask for something and expect results within the day?  it shows me how much i need of God right there in that day.  it also shows me that change comes of daily surrender to and asking and expecting of God to answer for that day, to provide manna for those needs for that day.  so this kind of praying builds faith, and faith builds into praying more, and more joyfully, and so on and so forth.  He loves to answer our prayers.

“Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof; and, most assuredly, if we possess faith, sufficient also will be the good.”


let’s do that more and more.




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