day 14 – femme

In thoughts on me, thoughts on people on August 29, 2011 at 6:08 pm

i am your basic mid-twenties girl.


i like bath and body works, home goods, and whole foods.  i love all things beautiful and want to grow a garden.  i want to be married and have children and make a home.  my love for pinterest is growing and i feel the need to lose approximately 5 pounds.

i was in the shower today thinking about all the things i like, do, or am that make me so like other girls my age.  my hair do, my interests, my ability to look at other ladies in my life and think that i want something that they have that i don’t.

and i realized, this “you have it, i don’t” thinking is never, ever beneficial, but our culture kind of thrives on it.  it’s so funny how the message is “be so different and so beautiful,” but only by being exactly like so-and-so.


i must celebrate that which is different about me, even (and especially) if it’s something i wish was like someone else’s.

this small change in the momentum of my thinking can allow me to honestly enjoy all the ways in which i am different, set apart, and made special in God’s eyes.


my skin’s expertise in producing intermittent moles instead of freckles.

sitting down at the piano, closing my eyes, playing a beautiful song, and knowing i’ll never be able to remember it, record it, and share it.  and that i kind of really like that.

my 135-lb curvy frame that’s good for dresses.

my quiet, quippy sense of humor that sometimes seems really awkward but is actually really funny.

this time in my life that only by comparison seems directionless, but when celebrated, is intentional, trusting, blessing-filled, and preparing me for something i can’t imagine.  i literally can’t imagine.  something to prosper me, to give me a hope and a future.

my classically crowder nose and gigantic lulu brown eyes.

my best intentions made in lists in journals, notecards, stickies, and white boards.  sometimes followed through, and sometimes not.

my secret desire to write rhymes and also be really good at dancing.

the dream in my head of traveling the world, seeing miracles, foreign sunsets, and adventures, maybe for a long time.  and knowing, God willing, that it won’t just stay in my head.


what will you celebrate about you?  because there’s no one else like you!

  1. more: your ability to create stunning art — your music, your writings, your thoughts drawn out. there hasn’t been one thing you’ve created that i’ve thought, “that’s good, but kind of amateur.” you are soooooooooo muthafreakin’ talented. multi-dimensionally talented.

    your way of appreciating the details. you’re so, so good at this. the way you glean inspiration from the sunset, dew on the grass, a mountainous road winding about …. being around you encouraged me to slow down and really take moments in, one at a time.

    the way you poop on zebras is my favorite, too. FIREHOLE!!!!!!!!!

    i love you. thanks for being in my life. buh bye now, sugar face.

  2. I love this! I Your writing inspires me and makes me think. About myself, others, who I am, who I want to be. Thank you for this post 🙂 It made my night

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