day 11 – obsession: storms

In thoughts on God, thoughts on me, thoughts on things on August 26, 2011 at 7:24 pm

ever since i was a little girl i’ve loved storms.  

i love them because they’re exciting, stop people from what they’d normally be doing, and they make me feel small.  i love them because they frighten me.  it’s kind of the horror movie effect – it scares you, but you like it.  (now just for the record, i HATE scary movies.  not love/hate, just hate/hate! but i just feel like my love with storms is similarish to a horror movie lover.)  growing up, i would watch Storm Chasers on the weather channel and discovery channel, and would get so scared and emotionally involved, change the channel to regain my surroundings, and turn it right back.

i was always that kid at school that would be so happy to hear that there was a hurricane, storm, or big snow on its way, most obviously because that meant no school.  but it also meant a complete hault for everyone.  everyones schedule changes, and we stop, and prepare.  more, it meant all members of the house being present at the same time.  this was rare growing up.

some of my favorite memories with my family have been during big storms.  it forced all the members of my family to be together. and if the power went out (which i love!), it forced us to entertain each other.  during one ice storm, i remember playing Monopoly and 5 Card Draw for hours with my dad on the floor in front of our wood-burning fireplace.  we put tons of blankets down and just camped out, and he taught me how to say all of the right poker terms when you’re the dealer (“The game is 5 card draw, aces high and deuces wild”), and to always deal yourself last.  during hurricane fran clean-up, neighbors would pop in and out, sharing groceries and helping clean yards.  i remember the hum of chainsaws and generators and just being happy people were together, things were different, and i wasn’t at school.  my sisters and i would all sleep in the same bed, and go to bed early because, when the power is out, it’s dark when it’s dark.   no lights into the night, no tv, no noise, just candlelight and maybe a book, and a warm bed.  during one snow storm, i rode on the back of our 4-wheeler with my brother-in-law 3 miles down the highway, all the way to the gas station, then down to the lake where you could hardly tell the different between the ground and the ice.  things happen during storms that can’t happen any other time.

i’m also that person that unashamedly talks about a storm when it’s on the way, and talks about my experience afterwards.  (ie: that earthquake was awesome! and i totally talked about it, how my desk shook noticeably for a good 15 seconds, how the floors and walls rattled. i called my mom and her response was, because she knows me so well, “well hunny i’m just so glad you got to feel it!”)  it’s all exciting to me.

i love storms because they’re scary in the best way.  they cause me to revere of the power of God.  it’s a great reminder every so often, that while we can try to control so many things now (conception, sleeping patterns, aging skin and bodies), we cannot stop a storm.  we must stop for it.

so come on, irene.  take a turn westward!


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