day 8 – the benefits of remembering

In thoughts on God, thoughts on me on August 22, 2011 at 2:53 pm

what about remembering?

if anything, i think of more negative connotations with remembering.  you know, we want to make sure we don’t linger in the past or stay tied to things that are over and done.  we want to make sure we are progressing, growing, and not staying stagnant or falling into old patterns.  so we plan for the future and try to stay present in the present, and those 2 things alone will fill up our days.  so when i’m not constantly making lists and goals for the future, daydreaming about the future, and thinking how x-amount of things about my life could be better (enter: devil trying to lie to me!), i’m trying so hard to be present in the present.  to remember seems like a far-off thing, and i almost never think to do it.  if anything, i try not to.  what about the things i don’t want to remember?

i told katie (one of my roommates) this, and asked what she thought about remembering.  she said, “i think of remembering and regret so differently.  i remember my grandaddy, or senior year in high school, or an intense moment with the Lord. in remembering, i think about how all things can be used for good.  i used to fear grace because i had to live up to what i had done, but now that i accept grace, i can remember fondly.”

my other roommate, annemarie, chimed in, saying “sometimes it’s hard to remember.  but you can reapply those truths about you and your life.  thats why i love telling my story and hearing others’ stories – because there is so much truth in them.”

so i’ve been learning that there are really great things about remembering.  and, like planning for the future, or trying to present in the present, it would benefit us greatly to look back regularly to see all the ways the Lord has been good and faithful in our lives, through blessings and through difficulties.

this kind of remembering cultivates thankfulness, and thankfulness cultivates praise.  a life of praise is a free life.

i thought about this while i was looking through some old journals, looking for blog topics… or shall we say blopics. : ) this morning i was just looking through the pages, further back and further back, and i kept seeing these things that God had told me through scripture, prayer times, or other people.  in the top margin of a random page i have scribbled “from Dustin – writing in Jesus name!”  i had just totally forgotten that, and here i am – totally unrelated to His encouraging proclamation over my life – writing something or another for 100 days in order to practice and get good stuff out.  i kept seeing thoughts about difficult things going on, laced in hope about the trustworthiness of God.  i have in pen and ink significant things God has done, even in the last year.  it is SO good to remember what He’s done, what we’ve gone through, and what He’s promised us.

God always makes good on His promises.

don’t be afraid to remember.  you got here because of God’s goodness, love, and grace for YOU.  look back to see the stepping stones, how far you’ve come, scary land you had to go through, beautiful, high paths he took you on, and all the things you learned along the way.  it helps you appreciate right where you are, right now.



  1. absolutely beautiful. thanks, samyool.

  2. WORD! thats all i can say…
    Im a person who loves to remember! Doesnt mean i live in the past. I just love to remember how God has blessed me and my loved ones and what hes been doing in my life. I also love to remember the time we spent together, even tho its ages lets me appreciate the friendship that we have even more especially bc theres an ocean between us and we dont get to talk every second day. Im just thankful that God gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with you guys and remembering the fun times we had just makes me feel good, hehe 😉
    Remembering rules!! 😛
    Much love

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