day 2 – on forgiveness

In thoughts on God, thoughts on things on August 16, 2011 at 2:32 pm


takes the scheme of the devil and stops it in its tracks

is a gift from the Spirit of God, to receive and to give

says “i CHOOSE not to be bitter, but to live in the grace that has been given to me”

is a practice

is a wrecking ball of the old person and a building block to the new

is a great even-ing ground at the hill of calvary

is difficult Р sometimes your decision to forgive comes before feelings of forgiveness

agrees with God.


just a couple of thoughts on it today, for the many who are having to choose forgiveness around me.



  1. Forgiving is hard…especially when this stupid song of the movie “just friends” pounds around in your head …where this one girl sings “forgiveness is more than saying sorry…!” lol

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