day 1 – a list of currently!

In thoughts on me on August 15, 2011 at 8:10 pm

what better way to start a 100-day blog run than with a list of CURRENTLIES?


currently listening to:

young man’s EP, “boy”

it makes me feel like summer. and the beach boys.

currently drinking:

trader joe’s JOE coffee in my “S” mug

thanks to annemarie for teaching me how to grind coffee at trader joes

and to katie for my “S” mug that is more like a coffee bowl.

currently located:

sitting at my work desk in front of the double windows in my room, anxiously awaiting the mailperson

currently thinking:

there are so many other things i could be challenging myself to do every day for 100 days.

working out, practicing music,

more feverishly looking for another job,

reading x-amount of chapters in x-amount of books,

praying more.  great things.

but that thinking is what stops me from trying to do great things.

i want to do all things greatly, all at once.

i apparently don’t want to write one blog every day until i am completely perfect in every other way,

working out, making a gagillion dollars, curling my hair nicely, whatever it is.

which reminds me of a very inspiring quote behind the wallpaper in a hillary duff movie (yes)

“don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”


but really!

and it’s kind of nice to think of it as playing.  i can do that.

is there something you’re thinking of trying, but are hesitant to?  what is it?  what’s stopping you?

happy monday,


this here is a handmade calendar outlook of 100 days, complete with the buffer week towards the end : )






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