100 days of blogging

In thoughts on me on August 12, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Nancy Ray Photography

well hello my faithful blog readers!  i hope you are doing well.  i hope you are in a coffee shop or snuggled up at home with a nice, cold drink, enjoying summer to the full! i would like to introduce to you an idea that has been floating around in my head a while.  100 days of blogging.  what is this, you say?  it’s a blog post a day, for 100 days.

i got the idea from my blogging-queen of a photographer best friend, Nancy Ray, who ventured into a 100-day-blog frenzy some time ago and successfully kept us all on our toes waiting for the next update.


this shall prove to be a little practice in a lot of things for me!

writing regularly,

wrapping my words around my crazytangledjumbleddiamondintherough thoughts,


& overall just something fun and challenging to do.


you might see or read:

daily random thoughts, over a specific topic

or not,

sharing goodies,

updates on my life,


dreams, literal and figurative

and basically anything that comes out when i sit down and say “i have to write today.  what do i want to say?”


because here’s the thing:

i love to write.  and i love being creative.  and i’ve always had this dream of me

sitting at a desk

looking out a window

and letting my fingers skim across the keyboard as i put thought to words.

there might also be a cup of coffee involved, some good music, you know.


i love to write,

but sometimes a lot of good things stay locked up in my brain or my heart,

and i never make the time to try and get them out.

i figured,

if i give myself an opportunity

once a day

to get anything out

something great will come out, at some point.

sometimes i won’t want to

sometimes it won’t be eloquent or perfect or witty or entertaining






but i kind of have to chisel away at the stone

to get out just the masterpiece i have in my head.

you know, like michaelangelo.


“every block of stone has a statue inside it,

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.

i saw the angel in the marble and carved

until i set him free.”


see you all on monday!

with love,


  1. Cant wait to spent the next 100 days reading your lovely thoughts!always enjoy you blogs and youre a truly inspiriation to me sam!
    Much love and greetings from good old germany 😉

  2. I love this.
    Love. Love.
    Oh, and I love you!

  3. thank you, God. reading all 100 days.

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