Fleeting July

In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on July 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm

it’s July 27th.  it’s July 27th!! it’s July 27th?!


It’s a common thing to look back over the past year on New Years, or on a birthday, to assess all the things that have changed or what you were doing at that time last year.  For me, there is also the shift from July to August.

I’ve moved many times during this subtle change from summer to late summer, from vacations to school preparations and the descent into fall.  And I’m on the move again.  When I look back over the past few years (or 6) it all seems like a gigantic blur (or that could be the fact that I’ve been up since 5:30 and am on coffee warm-up #3).  Boxes of stuff, changes in me, changes in my life, state lines, old and new friends, new friends becoming old friends, old friends becoming new friends again, dreams, a box-of-chocolates-assortment of jobs, and challenges.

This year, we go from apartment to rental house (ALMOST home, once pictures and curtains are hung and shelves are stocked, and maybe a garden in the yard.)  I’ve had a big girl job (yaaaay!) and lost a big girl job (booo corporate financial downfall!)  I’m becoming a master juggler of temporary work, part-time work, and hoping for things to come.  And like a human, and a woman, I’m becoming a master juggler of contentment, trust, and lose-it-at-any-moment tears.

I can’t help but smile when I think of all of this.  It is not coincidence, it is providence.  It is the perfect movements of my life, like a dance, that are sharpening me, refining me, and building my trust.  And I think it’s befitting that my song be one of thankfulness, whatever the heck is going on around me.




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