It happens in a fragment of a second

In thoughts on God, thoughts on things, Uncategorized on June 21, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Sometimes the Lord allows me to see blessings all over my life, all at once. It happens in a fragment of a second, lingers for a moment, and I have to capture it before it fades into emails, todo lists, and coffee cups.

I see blessings in friendships that are supportive and in friends who are passionate, talented, and inspiring,

in life in a town where community runs as thick as the summer air here, and where going anywhere gives the chance that you will see someone you know,

in relationships in which I am encouraged to dream, hope, and overcome,

in antique stores, coffee shops, new music, uncertain futures, the joy-filled present, grace-filled pasts, life stories,

where the tangled, rough, and dirty rope of our struggles meets the gift of righteousness and His passionate pursuit of us.

His blessings are precious and rich, like a gemstone.

Things are good. The King is kind. And He’s up to something.


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