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In thoughts on God, thoughts on things on May 9, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different….” — C.S. Lewis (Prince Caspian)

May is a month of new things, too.  With the sure turning of the season for good, all of a sudden I want to cut and color my hair, break out the warm-weather nail polish, start a new book, clean out my closet, and re-arrange furniture.  I want to scavenge TJMaxx racks for the perfect shorts, a skirt, new sandals and sunglasses.  And goodness gracious, I cannot wait to hop in a car and go down the highway to a beach!  I have new songs welling up.  I LOVE this transition from spring to summer – the line is blurry with 90degree days followed by 65degree days, the smell of honeysuckle, breaking out the bathing suit for the first time of the season and realizing 60% of my legs need shaving pronto.  I know you know.

Friends of mine are approaching May in similar and different ways, and I love seeing what everyone is bringing into the month.  Photographer friends are entering wedding season, other post-college friends are getting restless and moving to various parts of the country or world ASAP.  A handful of my in-college pals are finishing up their exams and excited to start the summer, some with classes and others with hopes of new jobs or different schedules to fill up their time.  Some friends are coming into May with big new things, like wedding plans, baby plans, and new babies in the home!

For me, nothing huge is really changing in words like this, but I feel a consistent huge change in myself.  I’ll still be working behind the plush walls of my cubicle this month, but everything in me is feeling change, consistent, compounding, and charging towards.  As Lewis said in , “Further up and further in!”  It’s restless and it’s true.

This month, we’re looking at a new house to rent starting late this summer.  We want to plant gardens and host house shows.  I’m making and following through with plans that are exciting in the way of music and finishing what I set out to start a year and a half ago.  There is sowing and reaping all over the place.  New opportunities are growing in like a vine through cracks in the walls.  I’m learning how to love and die to myself, like always, and like new.

Peace and blessings and new things to you in May.