In thoughts on God on March 8, 2011 at 2:02 am


I have never been much of a receiver in my life.


Giving is much more comfortable – it is where I have control.

It is the idea that if I give, I get ______ (reaction, acceptance, friendship, worthiness, merit).

A glorified merit system.

If I don’t give I don’t expect anything in return.


This is where  Jesus turns me upside down.

He is teaching me that love is just as much receiving as it is giving.  You cannot give love if you have not received love.

He does not expect me to give to Him – my right, good deeds, my tithe, my time, my prayers.

He loves, no matter what.

The most precious reaction to that is not one of owing Him back, but of receiving His love.  It’s already paid for.


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