In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on January 18, 2011 at 8:33 pm

If I could have my dream morning, you know, like on a day you really want to “carpe diem,” I would want it to be slower-paced but intentionally timed.

I would like to exercise, read the Scriptures and pray, and eat breakfast sitting down with a cup of coffee.  And then start my day.  Okay, this is not what it seems.

I write it and I already feel performance anxiety, fear-stricken by commitment.  But I love morning.  I mean, I even love the phrase “good morning” over all the other greeting phrases!

And the thing is, this list looks like something in particular.  A particular lifestyle.  Fast paced, Gold’s Gym, caffeine-induced super-go-getter-ness.  But there is so much flexibility in each of these things.  A walk outside or a yoga class at the Y.  Eggs and toast or a  bowl of oatmeal.  Via coffee or drip Counter Culture.

Scripture time and prayer, however, is always the thing to look most different because I make it the most flexible.  When, in reality, I want it to be the thing most consistent.  Maybe not even in length of time, but I think consistently in its place.  The same place to sit in the presence of the Lord.  By the window.

In all of the many things of life, I want my focus to be on Christ and His Kingdom.  I get so bogged down in what I should be doing, or who I should be, that I work myself into a tizzy when Christ says to come rest.  Morning may seem like a time of coming out of rest and rushing into the day, but I’d really love it to be a time of continuing rest.  Rest in Christ at the start of my day, to-do lists to be tackled when my mind and heart are aligned with heaven.


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