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If I could have my dream morning, you know, like on a day you really want to “carpe diem,” I would want it to be slower-paced but intentionally timed.

I would like to exercise, read the Scriptures and pray, and eat breakfast sitting down with a cup of coffee.  And then start my day.  Okay, this is not what it seems.

I write it and I already feel performance anxiety, fear-stricken by commitment.  But I love morning.  I mean, I even love the phrase “good morning” over all the other greeting phrases!

And the thing is, this list looks like something in particular.  A particular lifestyle.  Fast paced, Gold’s Gym, caffeine-induced super-go-getter-ness.  But there is so much flexibility in each of these things.  A walk outside or a yoga class at the Y.  Eggs and toast or a  bowl of oatmeal.  Via coffee or drip Counter Culture.

Scripture time and prayer, however, is always the thing to look most different because I make it the most flexible.  When, in reality, I want it to be the thing most consistent.  Maybe not even in length of time, but I think consistently in its place.  The same place to sit in the presence of the Lord.  By the window.

In all of the many things of life, I want my focus to be on Christ and His Kingdom.  I get so bogged down in what I should be doing, or who I should be, that I work myself into a tizzy when Christ says to come rest.  Morning may seem like a time of coming out of rest and rushing into the day, but I’d really love it to be a time of continuing rest.  Rest in Christ at the start of my day, to-do lists to be tackled when my mind and heart are aligned with heaven.


Mary, Mary, Martha

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I wonder if Mary and Mary and Martha knew they would be told in stories for centuries after their lives here on earth.  Legendary.

I wonder what Martha would think if she knew we remember her as the distracted one, too busy in her work to see Jesus in her own house.  And what would Mary say if she knew hundreds of thousands of people would come to worship her, asking miracles of and praying to her?  What if Mary of Magdala knew that her scandalous act of crying on Jesus’ feet and wiping it off with her hair would be a remembrance and example of true thankfulness and worship for generations?  Did she feel the pang of a legendary time when she saw Jesus risen from the dead?  If I were in a story like that, who would I be?


Shrinking down to size in lies at every obstacle?

Frozen in fear and cowardise?

Strangled by stress?


I would hope that I’d be told as the one who was saved from some kind of death, becoming bold and beautiful and brave, fearsome to lies.  True, I may never have to raise a gun, knife, or fist in my life.  I don’t know for sure.  But wars wage first in the things we cannot see, and my muscles aren’t really the ones that count or matter.


Do I trust God through Jesus who took my shame away?

Do I fear and love Him?

Do I love Him with my whole heart?

That comes out in the most normal of things, every day, and the most supernatural of things where I can’t always see.

Hey 2011!

In thoughts on me on January 6, 2011 at 6:33 pm
goals & thoughts for the new year
  • Experience the Father in a more and more intimately, because He is good.
  • Joy – every morning, every breath
  • I would also love to do Financial Peace University
  • Join the YMCA (at a discount) – a nice, big gym and good yoga classes, and it’s just down the street!
  • Audition for the North Carolina Master Chorale
  • Visit the museums of history, art, and natural science
  • Go to Beaufort and find shooting stars
  • Release EP (finally!)  which includes a trip to Nashville
  • Fill up doodle book with Pilot G-4 pens
  • Keep taking life pictures
  • Throw a house show

Those are some of them, anyway!  Of course there are more, to be kept in between paper pages.


As you contemplate the new year, things you want to do and ways you want change, I encourage you (and me!) to remember this:

What we do comes out of our identity.  Who are you? The Father tells us we are His workmanship, created for good works which He set for us beforehand (Ephesians 2:10)  We are His Kingdom and His Priests here, showing people His Kingdom, now (Revelation 1:5-6)

What we do comes out of who we are.

Our value does not come from what we can do or what we have.  Your value is royal.

That changes things, especially now.


love and joy to you this year,