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In thoughts on God, thoughts on things on August 8, 2010 at 3:36 am

freedom is typically preceded by difficulty.

it requires us to let go of the death grip we have on things we think we need.

it purges us of the thing on this earth we have desired so much that we have become defined by it, and it has made up our cage stone by stone.  that thing may not even be bad in itself.  an apology,  affection, security.  freedom bids us to set aside that thing.  let it go.

freedom bids us to make a choice for freedom.


sometimes we have to choose freedom for the long run over choosing what seems like the natural thing for us now, the good thing now, or even what seems like the right thing right now.

sometimes we have to listen to peace more than logic.

and funny, when we choose freedom for the long run, freedom will come RIGHT NOW, right in the midst of thinking we’re desperately in need of ______.  you just have to start to pry your greedy fingers away from what you think you can’t let go of and hold them open to the giver of all needs.


freedom doesn’t come easily but when we take it, we are like new.

our weary bodies take rest after supporting that stone wall, our cage, for so long, and it all comes down in dust and rubble.



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