summer book list

In thoughts on things on June 11, 2010 at 4:36 am

the beauty of the post-grad summer book list is that there’s no pressure to get it all done.

it’s like a wish list, a go-to for all of us who need the constant reminder of lists, so when the moment comes when we think, “oh, i want to read a little something now…”  we’ll be prepared.

  1. searching for god knows what – donald miller
  2. feminine appeal – carolyn mahaney
  3. raised by wolves – christie mellor
  4. compelled by love – heidi baker

i started searching for god knows what a few months ago, but got interrupted by elisabeth elliot’s passion and purity (which i couldn’t put down until it was finished) and promptly started mahaney’s feminine appeal.  i’ve heard such great things about this one of donald miller’s books, and i’m excited to see how it differs from blue like jazz.

i’m about half-way through feminine appeal, and i’ve really enjoyed it so far.  mahaney pulls from elisabeth elliot, and gets at the same points (christian femininity) in a bit more of an abrasive way for my taste, but i’ve taken away jewels of wisdom nonetheless.  i’m captivated (sometimes irritated, in a good way) by her frank commentary on the calling of women to be wives and mothers, and what that looks like in a christ-centered marriage and household.  let’s face it, few american women enjoy hearing that her sole purpose in life is to be a wife and mom, to quietly serve her family and keep the house clean.  it goes down dry, needing to be chased with a cold glass of water of “wait just kidding!  you can totes be a business woman and whatever else you want to be and hire someone else to take care of the kids and the house.”

bam.  tell me carolyn, i’m listening.

my mom gave me raised by wolves for my birthday a few days ago, and i’m already through the first few chapters.  it’s an easy read, not necessary to go chapter by chapter.  it’s just helpful information for newly independent 20-somethings on  how to 1. properly make your bed and the benefits thereof  2. boil and egg and 3. use baking soda for a plethora of beauty, cleansing, and other needs.  deeelightful!

likewise, my dear friend jess gave me baker’s compelled by love, which i’ve been hearing rave reviews about.

so!  there it is folks.  nothing is more peaceful than sitting out on the porch with some fresh, sweet iced tea and a good book in hand.

what’s on YOUR list?


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