the rbc – character sketch

In thoughts on people, thoughts on things on April 4, 2010 at 5:18 pm

of the raleigh boys club –

a very real live version of barrie’s lost boys.  the modern group of “wanderers who are not lost” as tolkien says, but are living with a particular kind of abandonment enviable to many, frowned upon by others i suppose.

these boys have collectively known heartbreak.  this, more than most other factors, drive them in their abandonment.

i heard once that women have the gift of influence.  i think this is true.  a woman can influence a man, because a boy listens to the heart of a girl he trusts – a mother, a sister, a love.  the gift of men then, i am deducing, is power.  a leadership of doing.  the raleigh boys have trusted influential women, i’d guess, to be let down in a crushing, devastating sort of way.  so, here they lead, powerfully in a direction where women should not be trusted.  so they go ahead of the curve and, like a game, have relationships only until the point of themselves having to change.

the raleigh boys are equipped with such strength in talents of many kinds.  some of them play music.  music is the modern boy’s war cry.  the gumption with which they’d go into battle, they have in the way they write and play music.  we really don’t have much to fight with our bare hands for these days, so all of that God-instilled power comes out in songs.  for this reason i’ve found the modern boy is not able-bodied for wars of flesh and fist but wars of a different variety.  wars using the sharp edges of cleverness and wit, the lure of words so subconsciously driven in a sort of manipulation and social dominance that it’s no wonder why so many of us are confused at this age.  peoples hearts are broken and we’re not fighting for our lives.  perhaps we should seek to be healed, and believe in something with such absolution and solidarity as to fight for our lives for it.  i think we’re afraid to believe in the things that matter.

i really like these boys.  they are open books, and those are my favorite kinds of books.  they live together in community, empowering each other in different ways, some positive and some negative i think, just like boys.  sometimes they drink good coffee and sit with their legs crossed and speak in dignified ways.  then they start to conspire and plan, what they’re doing that night or what trip they’re taking in a month.

i like to watch them and listen. maybe it’s because they are so honest and accepting.  very little pretense.  more, these boys are such characters and they have stories to tell, and i’m in the business of characters and stories.  their stories may be trivial at first, at the forefront, but are tapping into a greater, deeper pool of stories about things, events, and people which have changed them.

these are the stories that truly matter, the stories which should be told, the stories i’d like to hear.


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