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In thoughts on me, thoughts on things on March 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm

what are you reading, listening to, and watching?

i love hearing about this from other people.  it seems mundane enough, but it’s such a quick, direct way of knowing what people are up to that’s not officially what they’re up to.  you know?  it’s not their job or hobby or their daily list of to-do’s. it’s what people do when they have a free moment.  it’s what’s on their mind when they’re generally at rest.  and i love knowing about that in peoples lives.  it makes me feel like i’m seeing the little fibers of their world.

so here’s a little of what i’m unofficially up to.


  • John, Chapter 18
  • Fresh Power:  Experiencing the Vast Resources of the Spirit of God – Jim Cymbala (pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle) & Dean Merrill
  • The Sacred Art of Fasting (Preparing to Practice) – Thomas Ryan, CSP
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – Barbara Kingsolver

listening to:

  • mae – “seasons.”  an incredible piano piece.  and seriously, these videos are beautiful, take the time to enjoy part one and part two
  • the morning benders – “talking through tin cans”
  • the shins – “those to come”
  • ray lamontagne – “truly, madly, deeply”
  • sandra mccracken
  • fleet foxes
  • josé gonzalez
  • elizabethtown soundtrack


  • Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
  • movies at the movies!!  well, not many.  alice in wonderland &  dear john.  every time i go out to the movies i want to sing “Let’s Go To The Movies” from Annie.  that is exactly what’s going on in my head whenever i go out to see a movie, with the dancing ladies and butler guys and everything.
  • anticipating watching The Last Song.  yes, that’s right!  i can’t wait!!  i think miley is adorable and nicholas sparks is great at his niche.

how about you?

  1. reading: through Genesis (because I am so terrible at picking devotionals and books of the Bible, so I am starting my way though). “Does the birth control pill cause abortions” By Randy Alcorn “Called to Womanhood” by Beth Impson
    listening: “SEEDS of praise (children’s music for augustine. the Solo Piano radio station on classical station on Itunes. Carolyn Mahaney’s sermons.
    watching: My Marriage and Family Lectures by Dr. David Jones, Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn

    miss you dear friend!

  2. Joy! Miss you too and totally loving your pictures of the fam from Scotland. That BC book sounds really interesting!! I’m so glad I have good girlfriends who are charting some territory, I’ll definitely have to consult you about that when my time has come 🙂

  3. Reading: Your God is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan; 1 Samuel studies on (SUPER cool website if you want an in-depth study of scripture!!)

    Listening: PLAYLIST! I’m on a fast from secular music!
    Phil Wickham – True Love
    Phil Wickham – Divine Romance
    Robbie Sea Band – Your Love Invades
    Abandon – Here We Are Now
    Bethany Dillon – Imagination
    Chris and Conrad – Lead Me To The Cross
    Cory Asbury – Where I Belong
    Cory Asbury – Beautiful Savior
    Kari Jobe – My Beloved
    Kari Jobe – I’m Singing
    Seabird – Believe Me
    – April Smith and The Great Picture Show is a non-Christian really awesome band that I just found out about.

    Watching: not a lot, but One Tree Hill and Boy Meets World episodes on youtube! Why did they ever cancel Boy Meets World?

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