merritt – character sketch

In thoughts on people on February 19, 2010 at 3:51 am

merritt is one of those rare individuals who decides to live the life she dreams of despite her surroundings.

the thing i love about her most is that, though she lives a life of perceived fabulosity, i have never seen her meet a person she couldn’t connect with.  she has the extraordinary gift of meeting people where they are, and can almost always say “i understand.”  she gives people second, third, and fourth chances.  it is as if she chooses rose-colored (brand name) glasses to see people, opportunities, and life.  the uneven sidewalk at the university is her runway, her mere mortal friends are her posh celebrity posse.  what’s best in that regard is that her infectious and inspiring positivity is not limited to herself or her own life.  she spreads it on those around her, like a seasoned artist with a paint-covered brush in hand.

her well manicured blonde bob hits right at her chin at an angle, accenting the smile that cuts wide across her face, flashing big white rows of perfect teeth.  she is well built and proportioned, keeping a healthy physique through reasonable exercise and diet (which, in the fashion & styling business of today is a feat deserving a standing ovation!)  she’ll down a burger and a beer, or she’ll sit and eat a fruit salad and green tea.  she will take a day to veg and take the next to hit her to-do list with the reckless abandon of a true new york CEO.  merritt, though she pendulums back and forth between the extremes, eventually strikes this phenomenal balance, all while drawing people to herself with light and love and inspiration.

she talks the talk of a manhattan native, an LA socialite, a parisian stylist, and a well-educated celebrity heiress.  but it’s not intimidating or nauseating, it’s inviting, so warm as if you could jump in with her and pretend you have a thousand dollar bill burning a hole in your pocket.  merritt is the barbie i always wished would come to real life so we could talk make-up and outfits and boys.  she was made for big things and the most beautiful part is she believes it about herself.

  1. I love love love the way you write!

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