college in review: part time jobs

In thoughts on things on February 13, 2010 at 6:00 pm


i’ve had a lot of jobs.  i answered the phone at school and was a secretary in an office.  my favorite part about that was having unlimited access to all of the office supplies.  they had this huge printer that even stapled your papers if you wanted it to.  i worked there at night and became friends with some of the janitorial staff, and helped them look for other jobs on the internet.  one of them reminded me of my mom, so of course i helped her look for another job.

after that i worked at a boutique on king street, it was entirely too romantic.  there were flowers and candles and beautiful clothes everywhere, and i swept the porch every morning and got to pick the XM radio station when my boss wasn’t there.  i even knew the mailman’s name and he would ask me if i had been singing my own music, and i’d say, “no, not yet,” and he’d linger too long, but i didn’t mind that much.  i watched it rain, i watched it snow, i passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and wore sundresses before my classes in the summer.

we didn’t do well with the recession so i found a job at a bookstore.  i worked for this old man, leonard, and we listened to 40’s music all day.  men would come in and out, buying cigars and used books and the sunday Times.  i felt like one of the boys, just a boy in skirts and dresses… one of the boys who everyone wanted to stick around and dust the books and magazines.  i was content to do so, for a while at least.

leonard didn’t do well in the recession either, so i got a job at chick-fil-a.  i sold a lot of chicken sandwiches and said, “my pleasure.”  sometimes i cleaned the toilets or sanitized the playplace when a kid peed.  the best one was the pee-slide. how do you pee when you’re sliding down a slide?  serving had to become my pleasure so that people would actually believe me when i said it.  that was an invaluable lesson to learn.

right now i pick up kids from school and babysit.  i just gave my two-weeks notice in, because i want to find a more stable job.  kids get sick a lot and school cancels days for snow or the swine flu.  if i saw john the mailman i’d tell him that, yes, i’ve been singing more of my own music lately.

but all that stuff is stuff i did, it doesn’t tell you much about me. i grew up a lot with all of my jobs. but i’m learning a lot about doing and how what you do doesn’t matter.  christ loves.  when we get that, we love in a way that is opposite of the world, like him.  when people see that in us they see him in us. this is what matters.

  1. i was pretending, for part of this, that you were talking to me! 🙂 miss you sam-yoos.

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