on clouds – from the sky between bangkok & chiang mai

In thoughts on God on February 9, 2010 at 12:59 pm

if we opened our eyes and our hearts, and let those things tell our mind what is, we’d know there is God.

i wish i could explain seeing the clouds from this side.  i’m pretty sure if tolkien or lewis or the apostle paul could have seen this, they would’ve written about it.  when you go above the clouds, it’s as if you just emerged out of years hidden under the depths of the sea.  it looks and feels like that so much.

out as far as the eye can see, into the horizon, is a sea of white cloud spotted with tips of rocky icebergs and white mountains made of cloud.  it looks like a different planet, a different world.

i imagined what it would be like to set out instruments on one of the icebergs or mountins and play music into the quiet, endless sea of white and gray and blue.  is there any noise up here other than the sounds of airplanes and thunder?  i imagine the angels of the Lord enjoying this place,  giving glory to the handiwork of the Lord.

He is so creative.  there are things we could never know about, things in our own oceans and things billions of lightyears away, things in our own bodies even, we could never know about or see and they’re there just for His glory.

i imagine them, the angels that is, flying here and there singing “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty!” maybe you could even hear them up here.  but we can’t in our airplanes or even if we parachute out of them.

things are so noisy below the clouds.  we have to choose to listen to what’s going on beyond them.

science takes the fun out of everything.  it’s hard to look at this and not see molecules and cumulonimbus and ozone.  if you just take those eyes off and LOOK, it is a miracle, a mystery, the things only seen in dreams and talked about in grand tales and epic stories.  and it’s real, it’s here outside my window and i see it with my own eyes.  i see the curve of the world up here.  below the clouds, i can see green and brown mountain tops, looking like crumpled up paper grocery bags.  the clouds are casting shadows on them, spotting the land.  this screams Creator, but we don’t always listen.  i want to listen and believe and wonder like a little child.  Jesus, it’s beautiful.  thank you for creating this and letting me see it, letting me see a different perspective on my own world.

after i wrote this, i saw these phrases in Psalm 29-

Above the clouds, the Lord sits enthroned.  The voice of the LORD is over the waters.  The God of Glory thunders.


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